Ending the Bickering Over Temperature Settings Associated With a Central AC Unit in Port Charlotte FL

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

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After the installation of a central AC Unit in Port Charlotte FL, the household residents sometimes wind up having arguments about the thermostat setting. One person says she’s freezing when the temperature is set at 72, while another says he’s hot when the temperature is 76. Although it can be difficult to come to an agreement, they may decide to opt for the higher temperature because it will save them money on electric bills.

Icy Temperatures in Commercial Settings

It’s one thing to wear sweaters and socks during winter in an effort to keep heating bills low. But people tend to recognize the absurdity of having to cover up indoors when it’s hot outside. They feel like it’s bad enough having to deal with icy cold temperatures at the grocery store, movie theater and even at work. They want to be comfortable at home.

In fact, the frigid temperatures common in many workplaces during the summer is a main factor in people feeling uncomfortable at reasonable temperatures in their own residences. If they didn’t work in an office with the thermostat set at 68 degrees in the summer, they’d consider a temperature 10 degrees higher to be completely comfortable.

Using Fans

The person who feels too warm at 76 degrees may already be wearing the lightest clothing possible without stripping down completely in mixed company. This individual may be surprised to discover how comfortable a room can be with a ceiling fan or a floor fan running along with the central AC Unit in Port Charlotte FL. Fans use very little electricity and the central air, a bigger draw on the system, can run less.

There’s no reason to waste time bickering about the temperature. Instead, coming to an agreement and keeping the thermostat set at this level keeps things calm in the home and everyone enjoys a climate-controlled environment.

Additional Money-Saving Strategies

In the interest of continuing to save money on the utility bill, the household residents should change the air filter as advised and schedule routine maintenance from a company such as AA Temperature Services. Information on this particular company is provided at the website Aatemperatureservices.com. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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