Signs That It’s Time to Call for Heating Services in Huntsville, AL

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Home heating systems need maintenance and occasional repairs, but waiting for winter can be disastrous. There’s a significant cost difference between service calls and full replacement, and when homeowners don’t keep up with routine maintenance, they may spend more than necessary. In this guide, Huntsville-area homeowners can learn several signs that indicate an imminent heating system failure.

The System’s Age

The average home heating system lasts up to 20 years, and they lose their efficiency as they age. High-efficiency systems use less energy than conventional models, which usually means a lower monthly oil, gas, or electric bill. Temporary repairs on aging units can add up quickly, and in many cases, it costs more to fix an old unit than to replace it with a new one.

Odd Noises

Noises, especially scraping or metallic sounds, can indicate that Heating Services Huntsville, AL are needed. When a homeowner hears such sounds, they should immediately turn off the unit to prevent further damage. Following that, it’s time to call a heating repair expert.

Uneven Heating

Inconsistent or uneven heating can indicate a variety of things, some of which can be solved without a service call. Blocked vents can diminish airflow, and dirty air filters can inhibit airflow throughout the entire home. However, if these causes are verified not to exist, it may be necessary to call for Heating Services Huntsville, AL.

Rising Energy Bills

When energy costs go up without a corresponding spike in usage, the system likely isn’t working as efficiently as it should. This is often the case with aging systems, but newer models can also fail and lose efficiency.

Longer Run time

If the system is always running, beyond making adjustments for winter temps, it can indicate a decrease in efficiency or a problem with the thermostat. In either case, it may be time to call a heating repair expert.

Some home heating problems can be resolved with minimal effort on the homeowner’s part, but it’s often necessary to schedule a service call by a licensed technician. When Huntsville-area homeowners need system troubleshooting, replacement, repair, or installation, the team at  can help. Visit the website for more information or call today to schedule a service call. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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