Top 3 Untold Air Conditioning Concerns in Spring You Should Know

by | Aug 19, 2019 | AC Repair

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The last thing you want in a tough economy is surprise air conditioning problems. Spring can sometimes take a toll on air conditioners and cause repairs before the big summer heat arrives. Also, coming out of the winter rest can cause AC problems. Most people don’t know that air conditioners can also develop repairs in the spring. You need to know some of the air conditioner problems you are likely to face in the spring.

Initial Engagement

You might decide to kick on your air conditioner on the first day of spring. However, the problem is that it fails to respond at all. The most likely root of the problem is a tripped breaker. You may have to call an AC repair company in Jacksonville, FL, to repair the switch and have the air conditioner running within no time.

Insufficient Airflow

Most people often forget to change their air filters when they switch from a furnace to an AC. Problems are likely to start occurring as soon as you switch on your AC. More so, if it is still using the same dirty filter, it did at the end of last summer. Air pressure significantly drops when the filter is filled with hair, dust, dirt, and other debris. As such, the unit overworks as it tries to keep your home cool.

Leaking Refrigerant

You may have an issue with the refrigerant if you have seen ice along with indoor coils, heard strange hissing noises or a drop-in cooling power. It usually happens due to formicary corrosion that occurred on the air conditioner during winter and caused minute holes. Call an AC repair company in Jacksonville, FL, to locate the leaks and fix them and recharge the unit to its required level.

If you notice any of these concerns, don’t hesitate to call an expert for repairs. You shouldn’t forget to hire the AC repair technicians as you prepare for spring. Besides that, make sure you schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner.

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