Why Annual HVAC Cleaning Services in Harrisburg PA Are So Important

by | Oct 31, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

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Some homeowners are skeptical as to whether an annual furnace tune-up is really necessary. They don’t like wasting money and they’re unsure whether this service is actually important, especially for a newer furnace that is unlikely to break down. They should consider that this maintenance and inspection appointment includes HVAC Cleaning Services Harrisburg PA households need to keep the system running as it should.

Duct Cleaning

These men and women might say they’ve heard that duct cleaning is pointless for most homes. Dust and other small particles don’t tend to accumulate to any large degree inside the ducts, and duct cleaning may not improve air quality very much. However, duct cleaning is completely different from furnace cleaning.

Furnace Cleaning

During HVAC Cleaning Services Harrisburg PA technicians vacuum and brush away grime that has built up inside the furnace equipment over the heating season. They have specialized tools to complete this work and they know how to avoid damaging any of the components. That type of cleaning does improve efficiency, thus saving money on utility bills over the months when the furnace is being used. With better efficiency, the furnace does not work as hard, and thus its lifespan is extended.

Checking Ducts

Technicians from a company like Thermotech Inc. will look over the ducts from the outside and do a brief check of the interior ductwork connected to the furnace. They mainly want to make sure there are no air leaks in the system sending warm air where it isn’t needed. Homeowners can check the inside of ducts for themselves by removing a grill or two and wiping the inside with a damp cloth. If the cloth comes back filthy, duct cleaning may be advisable. The most common reason this happens is when someone in the house is a tobacco smoker.

An Essential Appliance

Households that have the annual tune-up completed before winter arrives know they have done what they can to prevent the need for emergency service. It never becomes more apparent how essential this appliance is until one of those bitterly cold Pennsylvania nights when the furnace stops working. Click Here to find contact details and schedule an appointment to prevent this major inconvenience.

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