Common Problems Causing a Need for Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL

by | May 15, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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People who buy a house that already has a central air conditioner may have no record of which contractor installed the system. In a warm climate like that of central Florida, air conditioning equipment gets a lot of use and is likely to need air conditioner repair in Davenport FL at some point. The property owner can call a company such as Watts Air Conditioning for prompt service. Depending on how busy the technicians are, same-day service may be available without an emergency fee. Outside of regular business hours, however, it’s standard for companies to charge a bit extra for a service call.

Fortunately, this type of company provides repair work any day of the week and at all hours of the day. That can be particularly important for people who rely on climate control during hot weather for health reasons. Individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis, for instance, tend to experience reduced function when dealing with excessively warm temperatures.

When it comes to air conditioner repair in Davenport FL, technicians may be able to make an adjustment to the system or may need to replace certain components. Some repairs are very easy. For example, a leaking hose attached to the indoor equipment may be caused by a minor clog that has developed over time. The owners may notice a leak at the attachment point or at the bottom of the unit. The technician can clean out the debris and check the hoses to make sure everything is in good working condition.

In some cases, the problem has occurred because of something the households residents inadvertently did. Frozen coils may be caused by airflow problems. If nobody in the house bothers to change the air filter regularly, it can become so clogged with dirt, hair and other debris that air cannot easily flow through the system. Another way that people unintentionally cause airflow problems is by blocking a return air register in the home. They might put furniture over a floor register or cover it with a rug. Anyone who needs central air service may Find more information about one particular company at the website.

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