Signs of Trouble with Commercial Heat Pumps in Charleston, SC

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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When a person is in charge of the systems in a commercial business, it is easy to overlook some of them from time to time. One system that should not be ignored is the Commercial Heat Pumps in Charleston SC. Getting to know the signs of a problem can help commercial property owners minimize the issues present and keep the units running properly.

Electrical Issues

An electrical issue can refer to anything from the circuit breaker tripping each time the system is on to insufficient power. It may also be due to a defective capacitor or damaged wiring. Regardless of the electrical issues present, it is best to call for Commercial Heat Pumps in Charleston SC service right away.

Low Air Flow

If there is not sufficient air flow present, it is typically an indication of an issue with the fan motor. However, it may also be due to a misaligned fan, a blockage somewhere in the system, or broken fan blades. This is an issue that is not going to correct itself. In fact, if it is left unattended, the broken pieces may damage other parts of the unit.

Ice on the Coils

Ice can commonly occur if the heat pump is installed in a building that has inadequate insulation, such as a warehouse. It can also become an issue if the refrigerant is leaking or if the defroster is not working properly.

Blowing Cool Air

During the winter months, the last thing a person wants is for cool air to be coming out of the vents. If this is happening, the reversing valve needs to be checked to ensure there are no issues with it. In some cases, it could be malfunctioning and preventing the heat pump from switching to the heating mode.

When it comes to heating a commercial building, there are many things that have to be considered. Take some time to notice issues with a heat pump before it causes the entire system to fail. More information about these issues can be found by contacting the staff at Preferred Home Services. Being informed is the best way to ensure a system works properly.

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