2 Signs That Your Ormond Beach FL Home is Due for a Duct System Cleaning

by | Dec 17, 2019 | HVAC

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If you haven’t given the home’s duct system much attention, don’t feel alone. Many homeowners don’t think twice about the ducts unless something goes wrong. In the meantime, a lot of residue is building up in those ducts. Your best bet is to call in Duct Cleaning Experts Ormond Beach FL who can get rid of whatever is lurking in the system. Here are two signs that you should make that call today.

There’s Mold Around The Vents

Do you seek an outline of what appears to be grime around the air vents? That’s a sign that you could have mold in the ducts. It could also be a buildup of other contaminants. Whatever the case, wiping away the outline won’t correct the problem. You need duct cleaning experts Ormond Beach FL to come in and get rid of the underlying problem. When you call, request quote and then set a date for the cleaning. It will be nice to live in a home where the vents always look clean.

The Air is Stale No Matter What You Do

You keep the home vacuumed and dusted. Even the furniture upholstery and the carpeted were cleaned recently. Even so, the place still smells stale. The problem is that there’s grime and other residue in the duct system. Once a team of duct cleaning experts Ormond Beach FL work their magic, the stale scent is likely to be history.

When was the last time you had the duct system cleaned? If you can’t remember, call an expert today. You’ll be surprised at what a difference that cleaning makes.

Call Arctic Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating or visit us to schedule an inspection and request quote for a duct system cleaning.

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