4 Reasons to Schedule an AC Repair Today

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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An air conditioning system can be one of the biggest investments made by most homeowners, so taking care of it is important. Whether it is firmly attached to the wall or standing alone in a window, it is an appliance that usually requires yearly maintenance and repair. Sometimes referred to as an HVAC or AC unit, when the air cooling system is working efficiently, your investment is protected, and your family can remain comfortable. As a yearly maintenance program, consider having air conditioning repair in Fayetteville to help prevent the following problems:

Nonstop Air

An AC unit works on a cooling principle of air distribution. When inside air heats up, the system switches on and cools the air to the desired temperature. If the coolant is not able to chill the air sufficiently, the air conditioner may run nonstop. There are many possible reasons, including a dirty filter, a coolant leak, or a broken thermostat.

Broken Ductwork

When you hear the cooling system start but the air blowing into the room is warm, there could be a serious leak in the ductwork. Over time, holes or gaps can appear in the ventilation channels causing hot air to mix with the cool air as it enters the room. The hole can be as small as a piece of hair, yet it can make a big difference in the temperature in the room.

Leaking Coolant

The plastic tubing inside an air conditioner can become brittle with age, which can cause small evaporation leaks that are probably not big enough to be noticed at first. As time passes and the leaks grow, the efficiency of your AC system may be affected.

Yearly Check-Up

Scheduling a yearly “check-up” can help prevent your cooling system from breaking down when you need it most. To keep the AC unit at optimal performance, be aware of any differences that can suddenly appear in the cooling unit’s performance.

To be prepared for the warm days ahead, contact someone regarding air conditioning repair in Fayetteville. Regular maintenance and repair can help protect your investment.

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