4 Signs to Call for Heat Pump Repair in Arlington Heights, IL

Don’t go into winter with a bad heat pump. Stay on the lookout for these four signs that it’s time to call for heat pump repair in Arlington Heights, IL.

1. Weak Air Flow

Anytime vents emit weak airflow means the home isn’t being appropriately warmed. Heat pumps experience such things as pressure imbalance that make some areas of the house draftier than others. Determining the cause of the imbalance requires the expertise of a qualified service technician.

2. Vents Emit Cool Air

The air coming from the vents should match the thermostat settings. This situation is problematic if the heat pump produces cool air during the winter. Sometimes, the heat pump will deliver cool air when the outside unit is off. Check the circuit breaker to ensure it hasn’t tripped and that the outdoor unit is on. If the unit is on, call a technician to troubleshoot the repairs.

3. Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

A short cycling heat pump uses excess energy and causes utility bills to skyrocket. Although many people don’t experience a noticeable difference in their comfort levels, allowing a heat pump to short cycle causes it to wear faster and require replacement much sooner.

4. The Pump Makes Weird Sounds

Heat pumps don’t make a lot of noise when they run. Therefore, call a service technician to inspect the system to see what’s causing the heat pump to make clicking sounds or other noises.

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