4 Signs to Call for Heat Pump Repair in Arlington Heights, IL

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Air Conditioning

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Heat pumps keep homes comfortable all year long and work hard to maintain stable residential indoor temperatures. Over time, heat pumps can experience problems that make them run less efficiently. Here are some signs that it might be time to schedule heat pump repair in Arlington Heights, IL.

1. AC Bills Are Higher Than Normal

Slight variations on one’s bill are expected throughout the summer cooling season. However, household electrical bills that rise suddenly are a problem. Get the heat pump serviced to find out what’s causing it to run inefficiently.

2. Reduced Cooling Function

Most people don’t notice when their heat pump stops cooling effectively because the home’s temperature doesn’t feel hotter. What they might notice is the heat pump running more often. Heat pumps that run nonstop need servicing.

3. The Unit Turns On and Off Frequently

HVAC tune-ups, technicians, call this over cycling or short cycling, a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Heat pumps that don’t complete their cycles and kick on and off several times an hour will wear out faster. A technician needs to inspect the pump and determine the root cause of the unit’s short cycling.

4. Loud Noises

Heat pumps aren’t noisy when they’re operating. So, if the unit runs so loud that it’s noticeable, that’s a problem. Certain problems make specific sounds. Call a technician to translate what the heat pump is trying to say.

Stay on top of heat pump repair in Arlington Heights, IL. Contact the Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation – Libertyville team online at alliedairheat.com for more information.

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