4 Tips to Maintain Commercial Air Conditioning in Queens NY

Winter is a distant memory for some, and hotter temps are here. Before summer is the time to service and maintain commercial HVAC systems and maintenance should be a primary consideration for all business owners. While getting a system ready for winter can be difficult, a thorough inspection by Inter County Mechanical Corp can help managers and business owners reduce expenses and keep workers comfortable. Below are several considerations to make when implementing a maintenance plan.

Create a Preventive Schedule

Establishing a service agreement with a local HVAC maintenance company is an easy and convenient way to keep the building’s systems running at maximum efficiency. Not only does the agreement ensure that maintenance is done on time, it means that the owner will get priority service when problems arise. Identifying issues early one can prevent major problems from happening at inopportune times, and advance planning can make it simpler to find the parts needed to do repairs.

Determine the Appropriate Settings and Calibrate Thermostats Accordingly

As summer gets closer, building owners and managers should hire a commercial HVAC company to calibrate all thermostats on the property. If thermostat settings vary too widely, systems will not run as efficiently as they could-;or even worse, they could be working against one another.

Fix Failures and Leaks Promptly

Operations directors and business owners should work closely with the HVAC company to find ways to make Commercial Air Conditioning in Queens NY safer and more efficient. Heating is the biggest energy consumer in a commercial building, which makes it an obvious place to find energy savings and potential hazards. Customers should have equipment checked and cleaned before winter comes, to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide release. Browse here for more information.

Check and Replace Air Filters as Required

The air filter’s purpose is to trap dust and particulates, preventing them from polluting indoor air. The quality of that air has a direct effect on air filter condition, and a dirty filter can keep Commercial Air Conditioning in Queens NY from working efficiently. HVAC filters should be replaced at least four times per year, and more often if the area is particularly dusty. Using high quality filters can help managers and owners save on replacement and maintenance costs, and they can improve the quality of indoor air.