4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Homes

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Air Conditioning

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The more time people spend indoors, the more important indoor air quality becomes, especially with poor indoor air quality has been linked to many long-and short-term health problems. Here are some ways to improve indoor air quality in Virginia Beach, VA, homes.

1. Deep Clean the House

Cleaning the house before taking other actions is the best way to start. Vacuum carpets, mop floors, sweep hardwood surfaces, wash curtains, bedding, and dust walls and vents. Spending a day deep cleaning the house removes surface pollutants and prepares the home for the next steps.

2. Change the HVAC Air Filter

The next step is also simple: change the HVAC air filter. The air filter traps airborne pollutants like pet dander and dust. If the filter’s dirty, contaminants can’t get filtered properly, and indoor air quality suffers.

3. Control the Indoor Humidity Levels

A house that is too humid can grow mold and other bacteria, which harm people’s respiratory systems. Run exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen to eliminate hot, humid air. Also, speak with a local HVAC technician about installing humidifiers that attach to the HVAC system for whole-house humidity control.

4. Filter the Air

The HVAC filter does a good job removing contaminants but could use a little help. Consider installing a whole-house air filtration system. They can be installed as attachments to existing HVAC systems, or if it’s time for a new HVAC, upgrade to a system that includes an advanced filtration system.

For more suggestions about improving indoor air quality in Virginia Beach, VA homes, contact MSCO – Mechanical Service Company today.

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