5 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Systems in Lakeland FL Leak

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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It can be panic-inducing to come home to carpet or ceiling damage caused by an AC leak, but few people take the time to understand the source of the issue. Click here for some tips from a local HVAC repair company on why air conditioning units leak.

Improper Filter Care

To keep a unit in usable, stable condition, filters should be changed at least every three months (more often in dusty, hot areas). Many homeowners forget about the air filter altogether, which can have disastrous consequences. Clogged, dirty filters can cause the unit to freeze up, and leaks can occur when the ice melts. Changing the filter is easy, and it can prevent damage in a variety of ways.

Insufficient Refrigerant

A low level of refrigerant can cause air conditioning systems in Lakeland, FL to freeze up, just as with an unchanged filter. Similarly, the melting ice can cause a serious leak. Prevent leaks and keep the system running by hiring a pro to check the refrigerant level on a regular basis.

Disconnected Drain Lines

Every HVAC unit has its own drain line. When a homeowner notices water damage arising from the unit, a disconnected drain line may be to blame. Call a repair service as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Clogged Drain Lines

If the drain line isn’t disconnected, it may be clogged. The drain pan sits beneath the unit, and it is there to catch excess water. Over time, the pan may gather algae and dust, which can clog the drain line and cause the pan to overflow. When the pan overflows, leak-related damage can result.

Missing Lines or Drain Pans

When air conditioning systems in Lakeland, FL lack a drain line or P-trap, it may have serious leak-related problems. Improper installations can be missing vital parts such as these. To ensure safety and to protect the home from water damage, the customer should choose a licensed installer who will do the job right.

There are many causes of leaks within the home. To prevent water damage and keep the unit working as it should, call a local HVAC repair company for maintenance, evaluation or replacement.

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