5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Your home’s air conditioning unit helps you keep your cool even when the temperatures reach the triple digits. In Georgia, having air conditioning is not optional – it’s a necessity. However, if your system is not keeping your home cool, it may be time to replace the unit. What are the signs it is time to replace an air conditioning unit in a Macon, GA home? Let’s take a look at some of the most important signals that your AC might be on its last legs.

Increasing Energy Costs

While you’ll notice a spike in your electric bill when you start using your air conditioner during the year, the costs should not increase drastically from year to year without a corresponding increase in average temperatures or the price per kilowatt-hour. If you see consistently higher energy costs, it means your system is becoming less and less efficient, and it might be time to consider replacing your air conditioning unit in your Macon, GA home.

Increasing Levels of Noise

Ideally, you will not hear much when your air conditioner turns on unless you’re near the unit itself. It should also operate pretty quietly at all times. If you have noticed that your unit is starting to make strange sounds, it may be time to consider replacing it. Your air conditioner should not make grinding, squeaking, or chattering sounds.

Burnt Smell or Bad Smell

While the air coming from your ducts might not smell like daisies, it should not smell bad, either. Mold or mildew smells indicate that moisture might be gathering in the system, which could be a sign that there is something wrong. If you notice a burnt or smoke-like smell, then it is a sign that you have a problem on your hands.

A Lack of Cooling

Perhaps the single most common sign that you need to consider replacing your air conditioning unit at a Macon, GA home is its inability to cool the air. If you find yourself constantly turning the thermostat down but are still hot, then it is a sign that your unit is not cooling properly. It could be a refrigerant leak, or it could be a problem related to your ductwork. Whatever the case, it’s an issue that needs to be handled promptly.

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