A Burgeoning Population Means Ongoing Demand for Commercial Air Conditioning Installations in Mustang OK

by | May 26, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Murrieta is one of the fastest-growing cities not only in OK but in the nation as a whole. The population increased more than 100 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to the U.S. Census. The burgeoning population growth means a great demand for residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Installations in Mustang OK.

Murrieta Weather

One reason this region has become so popular is the proximity to the greater Los Angeles area as well as to Mustang OK. Another is the predictability of the weather. People who love warm or hot, sunny, dry weather appreciate this part of the country. In a climate where daytime temperatures can stay in the 90s for weeks, residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Installations in Mustang OK is crucial for comfort. People have become entirely accustomed to cool air in the hot months of the year, and most would dislike living or working in an environment without it.

Reliable Contractors

Businesses need a reliable contractor such as Gatlin Heat & Air Mustang OK when they have their air conditioning systems installed and serviced. Employees are likely to become irritable if the system is out of commission for any length of time on a hot day. Research indicates that people are more productive in temperatures in the low 70s; once the temperature rises beyond that point, they are more likely to become fatigued. Contractors who provide service on weekends and overnight are essential for businesses that run 24/7.

Annual Maintenance

The equipment should be maintained annually to prevent breakdowns and extend its lifespan. During the annual inspection, technicians find any parts that should be replaced because they are worn enough to potentially fail over the next 12 months. On days with the most extreme heat, breakdowns tend to be more likely because the system must work so hard to keep the building cool.


Commercial air conditioning technicians also can upgrade systems. An older building will eventually need an upgrade or replacement of major components. If the business expands and construction commences for more a square footage in the building, commercial air conditioning installation will be needed to extend the existing system to the new areas.

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