Air Conditioning Installation in Cleveland, Oh: Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s important to regularly maintain your air conditioning unit’s coils, fins, and filters for your unit to function effectively throughout all of its years of service in your home. Neglecting the necessary maintenance will cause a steady decline in your unit’s performance and an increase in energy use.

Air Conditioning Coils

Your air conditioner’s evaporator condenser and condenser coil will collect dirt over their years of service. This dirt will insulate the coil while simultaneously reducing airflow and its ability to absorb heat. To avoid these types of problems, it’s important to have a professional air conditioning installation in Cleveland, Oh checks your evaporator coil on a yearly basis and clean it as necessary.

Air Conditioning Coil Fins

Your air conditioning unit’s aluminum coil fins are located on the condenser coils and evaporator. These can easily become bent and therefore block airflow through your coils. If you notice that your air conditioner doesn’t put out its intended airflow, use a tool called a “fin comb” to comb back your fins to their original position. Note that if your fins are damaged beyond this simple repair, you may have to contact a professional air conditioning installation service company to see if your unit needs to be replaced.

Air Conditioning Filters

The single most important maintenance task to perform on your air conditioning installation is routinely cleaning and replacing its air filters. A filter that is clogged and dirty can often block your unit’s intended airflow and significantly reduce your system’s efficiency. When normal airflow is obstructed, air that carries dirt may enter directly into the evaporator coil, impairing the coil’s capacity for absorbing heat.

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