Air Conditioning Tips From a Professional Contractor in HVAC Heating And Cooling Baltimore MD

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is a wonderful option to have during the hot summer months. However, operating an air conditioner inefficiently can become very expensive. Here are a few tips from a professional in HVAC Heating And Cooling Baltimore MD.

  *      When a central air conditioning unit is installed, make sure it is done by a licensed and insured contractor or company. This ensures the installation is done properly and to code that adheres to local building ordinances. It also ensures that the unit receives a professional tune-up to optimize function.

  *      The air filter should be inspected once a month and replaced as necessary. This is crucial to keep the unit operating efficiently and minimizes the risk of allergens being released into the air.

  *      Whenever possible, try to have the air conditioning unit installed in a shaded area. This will help the unit to keep the air cooler that is being pumped into the duct system.

  *      Any appliances or devices that produce heat should not be placed near the thermostat. Doing so will have the effect of “tricking” the thermostat into thinking the room is actually warmer than it really is, thus keeping the air conditioner running needlessly.

  *      A programmable thermostat is a wise investment, especially if remembering to turn the thermostat down is something that is often forgotten. This will keep the air conditioner from running while no one is home.

  *      Consider upgrading the air conditioner unit to a newer model. Modern units are much more energy efficient than older models, and there are tax credits that offer incentives to the purchase to dramatically lower the price. It is also cheaper in the long run as they use less electricity on a monthly basis.

  *      Make sure to weatherize the house properly to cut down on cold air escaping through gaps in doorways, windows or other poorly insulated entryways into the house.

Following these tips provided by true professionals in HVAC Heating And Cooling Baltimore MD will ensure that fewer dollars are wasted on inefficient cooling practices. For more information on air conditioning tips and tricks, or to schedule an installation of a new unit, Click here to visit Farnen Dermer Inc.

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