Are You Ignoring These Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Chicago?

If you’ve ever been without heat on a chilly day in the Windy City, you know the struggle. Don’t get caught without heat when temperatures plummet. Instead, stay alert to these signs that you need furnace repair in Chicago.

Problems Starting the Unit

This is one sign you don’t want to ignore. If the furnace struggles to turn on, one day it won’t start at all. Dirty filters, broken heat exchangers, and pilot light issues can cause start-up issues. Contact an HVAC professional to figure out what’s causing the problem.

Uneven Heating

Sure, you might have drafty windows and doors, but your furnace should do a good job keeping your home a consistent temperature throughout. If you notice cool patches unrelated to drafts, you need the unit serviced.

Carbon Monoxide Alerts

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless gas that’s potentially deadly when it builds up in a house. If you have CO detectors, and they’re sounding an alarm, don’t ignore this warning. Call for emergency furnace repair ASAP.

Weird Smells

A furnace shouldn’t smell like it’s burning every time it kicks on. At the beginning of the heating season, the first time you use the furnace, you might notice a burning odor. That’s normal because dust and dirt on the unit need to burn off. However, if you constantly experience abnormal smells (Sounds too!), call for repair services.

A good rule to follow is to never wait for a situation to get worse. If you suspect you need furnace repair in Chicago, you probably do. Learn more from Deljo Heating and Cooling.