How To Avoid A Costly Air Conditioning Repair In Maple Grove

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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When the weather starts to heat up, homeowners begin to depend greatly on their air conditioning systems. The worst thing that can happen is if the air conditioner breaks down during one of the hottest days of the year. If the homeowner wants to avoid needing Air Conditioning Repair in Maple Grove, there are a few steps that they should follow.

Remove the Cover From the Unit

The first time the homeowner turns on their unit, they should remove the cover. This will keep the unit from overheating. If the unit does overheat, it will require a costly Air Conditioning Repair In Maple Grover. In some cases, the entire system would need to be replaced. Once the unit has been running for about 30 minutes, the homeowner can replace the cover and leave it on for the rest of the season.

Check the Air Filter Every Month

It is important that the homeowner checks their air filter every month. If the filter is clogged or full of debris, it can make the air conditioner work harder than it should to keep the home cool. This can cause the part to wear out faster, resulting in expensive repairs or replacement of the unit.

Clear Debris From the Outside Unit

At the beginning of cooling season, the homeowner should go outside and make sure that there are no leaves, dirt, or other debris blocking the outside unit. If debris gets clogged in the vent, the unit will need to work harder to cool the home down. This type of overuse can result in certain parts or the entire unit needing to be repaired or replaced.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

It is important that the homeowner has their air conditioning unit maintained every year. During the annual maintenance, the tech will check for minor issues that can result in larger issues if they are not repaired. Also, regular maintenance is necessary to be sure that the air conditioning unit is running as efficiently as possible.

If a homeowner wants to avoid the expensive cost of Air Conditioning Repair in Maple Grove, they should follow the tips above. To schedule an annual maintenance appointment or if the unit needs to be repaired, contact Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning or Visit the website.

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