Be Cool and Comfy With Air Conditioning Repair Mt. Pleasant, SC

Summertime can be sweltering in South Carolina. No matter what time of year though, when you’re looking for relief from the heat, from the humidity, you need that air conditioner working.

Common Repairs

A/C units can take a beating in this southern heat. Repairs can be done multiple times and keep the cool air flowing when you need it most. Most repairs are simple and can have you back to feeling comfortable in no time. Common problems in A/C units include leaking refrigerant, malfunctioning compressor fan and coils that have frozen. A reputable HVAC company will have technicians who are thoroughly trained to diagnose your A/C problem. Repair is easy once a diagnosis is complete.

Environmentally Friendly A/C

All air conditioning is not created equal. If you are particularly environmentally conscious, geothermal air conditioning services can give you the knowledge that you are helping the environment as well as staying cool in the process. Geothermal systems are energy efficient and can fit most budgets. Depending on your needs now or what they might be in the future, a geothermal air conditioning unit could be what you’re looking for. Many South Carolina customers have found that savings can add up to 65% with energy-saving geothermal A/C.

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