Calling Air Conditioning Contractors in Naples FL When Cool Air Is Not Felt

When homeowners realize their air conditioning unit is not emitting cooler air into their home, it quickly becomes necessary to reverse this situation so they remain comfortable when it is hot outdoors. There are several reasons why an air conditioning unit may fail at cooling a home, and it’s not always apparent to the average person. Therefore, checking the following areas to see if the condition can be remedied could help before putting in a call to one of the air conditioning contractors in Naples, FL to get the air conditioner back in good working order.

Check That The Controls Are Set Correctly

Someone may have mistakenly changed the thermostat in the home, causing the air conditioning unit to not run as often as needed. Check the temperature on the thermostat first and change it to see if the air conditioner comes on to cool the home. Check that the circuit breaker is not tripped if the air conditioner is not coming on at all. Electrical wires should also be evaluated to make sure they are not frayed or crimped, blocking power to the unit as a result.

Make Sure The Right Size Is Being Used

If the air conditioning unit used in a room is not strong enough for the space the user wants cooled, it may feel as if the temperature level is not set correctly. Make sure doors to the room are shut so the air is contained within the space. If the air conditioner needs to run constantly, it may be necessary to look into purchasing a larger unit to cool the space effectively.

Evaluate That The Air Conditioner Is Not Obstructed

If there are items in the way of the path of the air that is emitted from an air conditioner, the room will not cool as it should. Make sure the unit is not covered by draperies. Keep large pieces of furniture from blocking the air that comes out of the unit as well.

When there is a problem with a cooling unit, a call to one of the air conditioning contractors in Naples, FL will be necessary. Contact CoolAir Air Conditioning & Heating to find out more about the services offered or to schedule an appointment.