Causes of Emergency HVAC Service in Fort Collins CO

by | Feb 5, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

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Climate swings can be rough on an AC system, and when the air conditioner finally breaks down, homeowners want fast help. If a home’s AC isn’t cooling as it should, find a company with 24-hour availability and prompt customer service. The best companies have upfront pricing and don’t charge overtime on holidays, weekends or nights. Poudre Valley Air offers commercial and residential service on all models and makes of HVAC equipment. Read on for some of the most common causes of Emergency HVAC Service in Fort Collins CO

Poor Maintenance

Many emergency service calls are due to poor maintenance. To prevent mishaps, homeowners should refer to the system’s owner’s manual, following the preventive maintenance schedule. An AC repair company can replace filters, service system components, verify refrigerant levels and do more jobs that are related to the safety, efficiency and reliability of an AC system.

DIY Service

Air conditioning repairs should be handled by licensed professionals. A service technician can prevent the need for costly and inconvenient emergency repairs, brought about by at-home maintenance and repair attempts.

A System That Needs Replacement

An older HVAC system is more likely to fail than one that’s newer and more efficient. If the homeowner pays for multiple emergency service calls, they should think about the 50% rule: When service costs meet or exceed 50% of the system’s value, it’s financially sensible to upgrade the entire system. A local company can help the homeowner determine whether repair or replacement is the right choice. Technicians can provide information on:

  • The system’s reliability and approximate life expectancy
  • Energy savings compared to replacement cost
  • System rebates and tax breaks
  • Warranty advantages
  • Environmental benefits, such as swapping over to eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant. Changing over can eliminate costs associated with replacement of obsolete R-22 refrigerant in a current system.
  • Indoor air quality and comfort
  • The reassurance and convenience of avoiding an unexpected malfunction

Emergency HVAC Service in Fort Collins CO rarely happens at a convenient time, but local AC companies are there to help. Licensed professionals have the tools, experience and skills it takes to get the home’s AC system running again, with minimal hassle.

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