How to Choose the Right Water Dispenser System in Sullivan County, NY

Hot and cold water dispensers are handy things to have in offices and residential homes alike. However, picking a Water Dispenser System in Sullivan County NY can be overwhelming, as there are an incredible number of options to choose from. Below are a few questions that property owners or managers should consider to help narrow down the search prior to viewing individual models at a showroom.

How Frequently Will it be Used?

Different sized water dispensers are available to meet just about any reasonable needs. Most models can accommodate between three and five gallons. These are great for home use but may not cut it for an office situation where a number of employees will regularly be using the appliance. Point-of-use models provide a more efficient solution in these circumstances.

How Much Space is Available?

Counter-top models are typically more compact and can be placed directly on a table or counter. Bottle-less water dispensers are typically also more space efficient, as they do not require an external source of water, and are generally designed to be more streamlined. This may not matter for office use, but in cramped kitchen environments size can make all the difference.

Is a Point-of-use Model the Right Solution?

These models offer added convenience and avoid the cost and the waste of installing replacement water bottles. Thanks to advanced filtration systems, they can provide water that is just as clean as it would be coming from a bottle. The down side? They require installation since they work by tapping into an available clean water line.

Is There a Set Budget?

Water dispensers are available to fit just about any budget. The incredible array of available features makes some high-end dispensers prohibitively expensive for personal use. Some find this off-putting. Others are more than happy to spend as much as necessary to get the best possible product. Set a budget before walking into a showroom, so there’s no question as to whether or not an individual product is attainable.

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