The Most Common Problems That Can Cause Heating Units In Charleston SC To Stop Functioning

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Heating And Cooling

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A heating system makes the job of keeping a home warm during cold winter weather simple, by allowing a homeowner to change the temperature in a space with the press of a button. Most HVAC systems are designed to provide years of worry free performance, but there are occasions when issues arise and require the knowledge of a professional who is trained in repairing Heating Units in Charleston SC. The following is a look at the three most common causes of a heating system malfunction.

Malfunctioning Heater Coils

Electric heating systems use a heating coil to produce warm air, and the buildup of dust and debris can cause the coils to become overly hot and burn out. Most fan systems will still operate, but the heater will not be capable of producing hot air until the heating coil has been replaced. Changing air filters on a regular basis can help by preventing the buildup of contaminants on the interior of the system, and ensuring only clean air is allowed to pass through the ductwork of a home.

Air Restriction

If air filters become dirty, it can cause the blower motor of Heating Units in Charleston SC to have to work harder. If air flow becomes too restricted, it can cause the fan motor’s safety system to engage and stop operation, and can even cause a motor to burn out. Replacing an air filter a minimum of every three months will help alleviate this issue and can be the first line of defense against the most common heating system problems.

Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is what monitors the temperature inside a home and signals the heating system to operate when a shift is detected. Like any other piece of machinery, thermostats can wear out over time, and the accuracy of their readings can cause a furnace to operate erratically. Before replacing more expensive components, try installing a new thermostat to see if that can help remedy the problem and restore normal operation.

The best thing any homeowner can do is have an HVAC professional standing by in the event of a heater malfunction. Preferred Home Services has been a leading provider of HVAC repair services in the Charleston area for nearly 25 years, and their technicians can service any make or model. Contact them when trouble strikes and get any heating system back to normal as quickly as possible.

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