Considering Ways to Lower Electricity Costs for Central Air Conditioning in Lake Orion MI

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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When it comes to central Air Conditioning Lake Orion MI, residents are always looking to get the electricity costs down. Even though this is a northern state and doesn’t have a large number of exceptionally hot days, area residents still don’t want to deal with the heat and humidity in their homes if they don’t have to. At least one of the answers to cutting costs is obvious; that is to raise the temperature on the thermostat at least a degree or two. More novel ideas are often proposed, some of them helpful and some of them relatively pointless.

When it comes to central Air Conditioning Lake Orion MI contractors encourage residents to check the air filter at least once a month even during the summer and change it as needed. Many people forget about this once the heating season ends, but a dirty air filter forces the central air system to work harder. Another strategy for easing the strain on the compressor is to shield it from hot sunshine with a fence or shrubbery, but it’s essential to leave plenty of room for air circulation, so the device doesn’t overheat.

How about spraying mist on the compressor to keep it cool? A device is available to do that automatically and, theoretically, allow the compressor to run more efficiently. However, heating and cooling technicians tend to be skeptical. First, the humid climate in Michigan is not necessarily a good combination with additional moisture. Second, to make sure no mineral scale develops on the equipment, soft or distilled water would need to be used. Providing this much-distilled water would start to get expensive, and homeowners aren’t going to install a water softener just for this purpose. Even if they already have a softener, they may decide that using the extra water this way isn’t cost-effective.

Instead of trying unproven methods for lowering electrical costs, homeowners can rely on the tried-and-true techniques recommended by contractors such as Business Name. Technicians will be glad to give more tips for beating the heat at a lower cost. Click Here for more details on this company.

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