Cool That Hot Home With Superior Air Conditioning Repair in Minnetonka

by | May 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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There are few things worse than attempting to work or live in a well-insulated building that has a malfunctioning air conditioner. Temperatures can quickly climb, and the air becomes stifling. One reason for this is the poor airflow that these buildings often have, and another is the stuffiness that tends to develop because no air is circulating. Thankfully, this situation can be alleviated with the use of superior Air Conditioning Repair in Minnetonka. For example, a fault in the coolant system could be as simple as a switch not kicking in. This can usually be eliminated by replacing the damaged board.

AC repair comes in all types from simple maintenance to the replacement of critical components such as the condenser. Maintenance is required for several reasons. One of these is the need to ensure that the refrigerant is properly charged. Low refrigerant levels can reduce the efficiency of the system or, worse, destroy the condenser. This happens because the refrigerant carries the lubricant required to keep the condenser operating properly. If the refrigerant is low, then the condenser could overheat and result in a very expensive Air Conditioning Repair in Minnetonka.

One of the more useful reasons to have the appliance maintained on an annual basis is cleanliness. This affects more than the way the home looks because a dirty AC can blow fumes, cooking odors, and other smells into the living space. Dust and debris inside the air handler can cause another issue whenever the AC is operating because it can mix with the condensation that occurs naturally in the AC. When this happens, the result is a muck that blocks off the evaporator coil and could result in freezing. A frozen coil can rupture and require an experienced AC contractor such as Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning to repair the fault.

Living in a hot home or one where the AC is failing is no fun. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to alleviate these conditions. The most obvious are the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, but appliances such as heat pumps or the split AC are just as convenient. Heat pumps are a great way to reduce energy consumption while split systems allow the installation of a comfort appliance that does not require air ducts. Browse website here and learn more about home comfort systems.

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