Cooling System Installations in Sierra Vista, AZ Should Be Properly Sized

You will not experience the best efficiency from your heating and cooling system if it is not properly sized. Therefore, experienced HVAC technicians must consider the size of your system to make sure that it will meet your cooling or heating needs.

Therefore, cooling system installations in Sierra Vista, AZ include the following:

  • Making sure that the equipment is the right size for heating or cooling a home
  • Making sure that the charging refrigerant is correct
  • Ensuring that the ducts are properly sized
  • Providing recommendations regarding energy efficiency

HVAC Systems That Are Too Large

If heating and cooling system installations are too large or small, homeowners can run into various dilemmas. For example, a too-large system can lead to the following:

  • An unnecessary amount of energy is used to heat or cool a living space.
  • Energy is wasted through short cycling. Short cycling happens when an HVAC system turns on and off repeatedly while it is running.
  • The indoor temperature is not comfortable because of variances in temperature.
  • The system experiences additional wear and tear.
  • The system does not remove a sufficient amount of humidity as it cannot run long enough to provide this benefit.

HVAC Systems That Are Too Small

Professionals from companies such as One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating also point out the disadvantages of a system that is too small. Just as a too-large system, a too-small system cannot maintain the needed level of comfort, particularly during weather extremes. Therefore, a home may feel too warm or cold, depending on the season.

A Correctly-Sized System

A system that is the correct size operates so it saves you money on the cost of energy. The indoor temperature and comfort level remain consistent. It also provides the correct humidity control, thereby reducing any issues with mildew or mold.

When choosing a system, make sure that it is properly sized. By contacting an experienced HVAC contractor, you can avoid sizing problems and the issues they cause with respect to comfort and operations. Find us on Facebook!