Enjoy the Best Comfort Systems Installed by Professionals Such as J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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There are many ways to keep a home or business comfortable throughout the year such the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) or a ductless AC. In fact, these are two of the most common systems in use today with the possible exception of window units. Unfortunately, window mounted air conditioners are not very efficient when cooling more than a single room because they only move a small amount of air. Comfort system specialists such as J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX may also recommend the use of heat pumps for improved energy conservation.

HVAC systems are designed to provide both warm and cold air. This is possible because the appliance uses a furnace for heat generation and the AC for cooling. The primary portion of the air conditioner is located outside of the building, which is necessary for the release of any accumulated heat. Like most refrigeration systems, the AC actually collects heat from the treated space and generates cool air as a side-effect. The chill comes from the compressed refrigerant as it passes through the evaporator coil. This coil is located inside the building in a portion of the appliance known as the air exchanger. The furnace will also make use of the air exchanger for the transfer of heat since the HVAC uses a shared blower.

Reliable contractors such as J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX offer an alternative to the HVAC known as the split or ductless AC. This appliance also uses an external compressor, but the difference is that the condensing system supplies several distribution units, typically eight per condenser. Each delivery unit is fairly small with just a coil, blower and some controlling electronics. They are usually mounted on the wall for better airflow. Reversing the direction of the refrigerant allows the ductless system to heat the space instead of cooling it.

The heat pump is also a reversible system. Heat pumps use a small amount of refrigerant to collect heat from one side of the appliance and carry it to the other side. Because they only need to compress a small amount of refrigerant, they tend to be more energy efficient than the alternatives. However, heat pumps require a heat sink to collect the heat from. Surprisingly, this can be as simple as the air around the unit. Click Here to learn more about comfort systems.

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