Hire Air Conditioning Contractors in St. Louis, MO for Seasonal Service

Most homeowners don’t think about their cooling equipment during the cold months. However, winter can be an ideal time to repair or upgrade a system. Scheduling maintenance or installation during the off season offers two primary advantages: greater tech availability and a reduction in the need for emergency service from Courtney’s Heating & Cooling during the summer. Consider the below tips to keep a home’s HVAC system running efficiently.

Uphold a Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Routine cleaning is an important, but frequently delayed, A task that can have a substantial impact on a unit’s energy efficiency. Dirty condenser coils can increase the compressor’s energy usage by almost 30% according to a study done by California’s Pacific Gas & Electric. Additionally, a dirty filter allows unclean air to bypass the filtration system and build up on evaporator coils. Check filters monthly and change them as needed.

Check Settings and Modify Them as Necessary

Preventive maintenance on cooling equipment should include monitoring of settings affecting efficiency and performance. The compressor is the system’s biggest energy user, and it makes sense to ensure that it works efficiently. It is also important to occasionally measure refrigerant levels. Hiring a technician to recharge the system can help the homeowner save up to 10% on cooling expenses.

Fix Problems Promptly

Poorly-performing equipment and leaks can ruin a homeowner’s efforts to make the system run more efficiently, but professional service can keep the cooling unit working properly. As Air Conditioning Contractors in St. Louis MO perform a yearly tune-up, the tech will look for components in need of repair.

Simple Ways to Decrease Cooling Expenses

If a homeowner isn’t satisfied with the numbers on their monthly cooling bill, they can use some of these tips to lower it even further.

*      Raise the setting on the thermostat

*      Reduce cooling hours

*      Regularly clean condenser and evaporator tubing

*      Clean fan blades, oil bearings, and adjust the system’s belts as necessary

*      Hire a tech to test, adjust and balance the system and ensure correct operation of control valves

*      Do not cool unused rooms.

A properly functioning cooling system is something that many homeowners take for granted, and many forget about yearly maintenance. By following the tips given here and hiring Air Conditioning Contractors in St. Louis MO for seasonal tune-ups, homeowners can ensure efficient operation throughout the unit’s lifespan.

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