How Boilers Work

For many years hot water and steam boilers were almost exclusively used in large facilities, today a boiler contractor in Chicago is just as often called upon to install and service boilers in a home.

Hot water and steam boilers usually use natural gas or LPG as fuel, the boiler heats water and circulates it through pipes to radiators that are installed throughout the house. Other methods include baseboard heaters and under floor heating.

How a hot water system works:

The desired interior temperature is set on a thermostat which is usually located centrally within the home. As the ambient temperature within the home drops below that temperature which has been preset on the thermostat an electrical circuit closes which signals the boiler to operate.

A typical hot water heating system is closed; the system starts at the boiler, the water passes through a device that eliminates any air from the system and from there into an expansion tank. The expansion tank is needed as the water volume changes as the temperature increases or decreases. The hot water then continues its journey through piping and a system of radiators or baseboard radiant heaters. As the water circulates through the entire system it releases energy which results in cooling. The water returns to the boiler, some systems are gravity fed, in others the water is pumped back.

Routine maintenance:

A boiler contractor in Chicago is normally called in to maintain a hot water heating system. Actually, these systems require little in the way of maintenance but the radiators require venting and the water tank needs to be drained and inspected for flaws.

It is highly recommended that a boiler contractor inspect your system annually, the best time to do this is just prior to the heating season. The contractor will ensure that all fittings are tight, the gas supply is working well and any repairs are carried out.

If you are experiencing any problems with your hot water heating system you should get in touch with a boiler contractor in Chicago as soon as possible. Heatmasters Heating & Cooling provide boiler repair services all day and all night. Follow us on our facebook page.