How to Choose the Right Furnace Replacement in Plymouth

Summer is arguably the best possible time to look into Furnace Replacement in Plymouth since the system will not be in use during these hot months and there will be no need for downtime. It’s important to carefully consider options before purchasing a new furnace, as characteristics such as size, type, and efficiency can dramatically impact how much homeowners wind up spending on operating their furnaces in the years to come. Read on to find out what to look for.

Fuel Source

There are three main fuel sources used for home heating. These are gas, oil, or electricity. Gas furnaces are typically the cheapest to run, while oil and electric furnaces tend to be more expensive.

Choosing the right fuel source is largely a matter of discovering what infrastructure already exists in the home. However, homeowners who want to change to a different fuel source may want to ask their contractors what would be required to make the switch.

Correct Sizing

Larger furnaces may be more expensive, but sometimes they are necessary. The best way to tell if a furnace is correctly sized for a home is to ask the contractor to perform a Manual J load calculation. This will take into account both the home’s square footage and its energy efficiency to provide information that can be used to properly size the system.

Furnace Pricing

The price of a furnace will depend largely on its size and what type of fuel source it requires. However, installation costs may also be impacted by factors such as changes being made to the air distribution system, features that improve indoor air quality, and the cost of labor to install the new system. Keep in mind that purchasing a more energy-efficient furnace may cost more up-front but will pay off in the long run in the form of lower monthly bills.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy efficient Furnace Replacement in Plymouth can help to reduce monthly heating bills. The experienced contractors working for Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning can offer insight and advice regarding which models are most efficient. Browse the website for additional information about furnace installation, maintenance, and service today to get started.