How to Keep One’s HVAC in Des Plaines, Il from Harming Indoor Air Quality

A home’s air quality is essential, especially since the EPA estimates that indoor air pollution is five times greater than outdoor pollution. When one’s HVAC in Des Plaines, IL, works properly, it keeps the house comfortable and preserves indoor air quality (IAQ). Here are some tips to ensure the HVAC system isn’t harming IAQ.

Monitor Humidity Levels

A too-humid home can grow mold and other bacteria that causes airborne illnesses. Fortunately, the home’s humidity levels are balanced when the HVAC system works properly. If the house doesn’t feel cool, even when the temperature is ideal, there could be something wrong with the HVAC unit. Have a technician inspect the system to see what’s happening.

Have the Ductwork Inspected

Ducts are part of the HVAC system. They make of the “V,” which stands for ventilation. Over time, ductwork can crack and leak air. Not only does this make the HVAC system less efficient, but it also releases dust and debris built up in the ducts into the household lowering the IAQ. If the house seems dustier than usual, household members sneeze more often or keep getting sick leaky ducts might be to blame.

Change the Filter

Regular filter changes keep dust, pollen, and other contaminants from polluting the indoor air. Replacement filters aren’t expensive, keep the IAQ levels healthier, and prevent the HVAC system from overworking.

Households that have more questions about how their HVAC in Des Plaines, IL, contributes to their homes’ IAQ should get in touch with the experts at Heatmasters Heating & Cooling now.