HVAC Services in Hamilton, OH Help Patients Manage Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

by | Jul 8, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

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Multiple sclerosis patients may experience flare-ups, and the worsen of symptoms during hot weather. Doctors encourage these patients not to move to a warm climate, but even states like Ohio can be hot and muggy in the summer. Having a central air conditioning system installed by technicians providing HVAC Services in Hamilton, OH helps these men and women feel better throughout the warmest times of the year.

Heat and MS

Doctors used to diagnose multiple sclerosis by immersing patients in a tub of hot water, reports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. If symptoms worsened, this was considered solid evidence that the patient had the disorder.

The underlying issue with heat is that it slightly raises a person’s body temperature. That increase in temperature makes it harder for impaired nerves to function properly. Heat does not cause the disease to get worse, but the flare-up in symptoms interferes with the person’s ability to be active or even to perform daily living activities.


The main problem MS patients tend to experience during hot weather is weakness or increased weakness. Weak legs and arms are hallmark symptoms of the disorder, and the problem can become severe enough to restrict a person’s mobility. Contractors providing HVAC Services in Hamilton, OH help customers prevent this by allowing them to enjoy cool air inside when the weather is hot.

Other Symptoms

Some MS patients also experience blurred vision when they are excessively warm. The electrical impulses in the optical nerves are impaired due to the heat and disrupt clear vision. Also, some men and women with this health condition feel very fatigued in this type of weather.

Additional Tips

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society provides numerous tips for patients to deal with the heat in addition to staying in climate-controlled buildings. For instance, they can sip ice water and indulge in ice pops. Taking a bath in cool water can help, as can sitting under a ceiling fan or near a floor fan. Having central air installed by a contractor such as Living Comfort HVAC LLC may be tax-deductible if a doctor has recommended this.

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