It’s the Time of Year to Have HVAC in Omaha NE Maintained

When a home or business owner decides to purchase a heating and cooling system, they want to be sure it’ll be installed and serviced by professional technicians. After all, this is equipment that’s expensive and expected to last for many years. That’s why buyers want to work with a company that’s highly qualified with a great reputation and committed to providing customer service that’s second to none. Companies also understand that purchasers of their air conditioners and furnaces want energy-efficient products that are not only affordable but will save cash on utility costs to offset their purchase price.

Geothermal and Heat Pump Services

Accurate Heating & Cooling is one company in the Omaha and surrounding areas offering geothermal and heat pump services to their customers. Geothermal is a type of heating and cooling that works with a heat pump and a ground loop to heat and cool the home. Ground temperature is a constant 55 degrees. In winter, water circulating within the loop absorbs heat which is released as warm air into the home. It reverses in summer by sending cool air into the home. Click Here for more information on HVAC heat pumps. There’s a contact screen for customers to request service and an estimate from a company offering HVAC in Omaha NE.

Installation of Equipment

Since everyone’s home is different, installing the proper size air conditioner or furnace is crucial to a family’s comfort in the home. How small or large a customer’s home is must be considered in order for the right size AC or furnace to be installed.

Maintenance of Equipment

Customers can depend on companies that provide HVAC in Omaha NE. They hire and train professional technicians to clean and check the home or business equipment once a year. Right now is the time to have home heating systems maintained in order for them to be ready for the oncoming cold winter. The cost for an AC or furnace checkup is $89.95. Appointments can be scheduled online or with a phone call. Technicians will lubricate motors, check thermostats, blowers, pilot safety, flue pipes, and safety controls and switches. Testing for carbon monoxide is also always checked.