Keep those Cooling Systems Up and Running with Air Conditioning Contractors in Binghamton, NY

Winter seems to be releasing its grip on most of the nation, and air conditioning season is finally rolling back around. In order to keep those home cooling systems working as they should, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind. While some of them can be carried out by homeowners, others require the experience and expertise of professional Air Conditioning Contractors in Binghamton NY.

Keeping the Air Conditioning System in Top Shape

One of the simplest ways to keep an air conditioning system operating at top efficiency is changing its filters when needed. For homes with only one or two people, filters should be changed at least twice each year. Homes with more occupants or those who suffer from asthma and allergies should have their filters swapped out every month or so. Of course, a few others steps should be taken as well.

  • Be Sure Outdoor Units Are Unobstructed: Shrubbery and other obstructions should always be kept away from outdoor heating and air conditioning units. At the same time, leaves, weeds and debris need to be cleared away from those units regularly. Doing so will help keep air flowing through the unit properly and prevent unnecessary wear and tear while maximizing efficiency.
  • Have Ductwork Cleaned: Filters go a long way toward improving efficiency and indoor air quality, but they’re only part of the overall system. Air ducts should be cleaned by professionals on a regular basis as well. Experts recommend having this done at least once every five years for smaller households. Larger households and those with pets should do so more often.
  • Stick to a Regular Maintenance Schedule: Heating and air conditioning systems should be inspected by professional maintenance technicians twice per year, once during late winter or early spring, and again during late summer or early fall. Any necessary repairs should be handled promptly by Air Conditioning Contractors in Binghamton NY.

On top of these aspects, it’s also important to remember a general rule of thumb: if an air conditioning system is more than ten years old, it should probably be replaced. Systems lose much of their efficiency each year in spite of proper care and upkeep. For more information or to schedule an inspection or repair appointment, visit us. You can also visit them on Facebook.