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by | Apr 7, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Heating and cooling a building requires much more energy than people realize. Consider Air Conditioning Mesa and how much effort is required to force cold air throughout the building. First, the AC must compress a refrigerant, and this step forces a state change in the chemical. Condensing the chemical allows the refrigerant to cycle around the system and accumulate heat through the evaporator coil. The interesting aspect of this step is that no pump is required to move the refrigerant. Compressing it causes a variance in pressure, so the chemical naturally flows from one side of the appliance to the other.

The typical Air Conditioning Mesa has two coils, one for evaporation and one for the condenser. As the refrigerant cycles through the evaporator coil and collects heat, it begins to change state again. The final changes occur as the heat is released through the condenser coil. The cycle repeats once the refrigerant is compressed again.

One concern with this comfort solution is condensation, and most air conditioners handle this problem with drainage pipes that release the moisture outdoors. Experts such as Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc will quickly explain that this is only a part of the moisture and what is left behind could cause problems. One of these is blockages in the evaporator coil. This particular issue occurs when dust and debris mix with the condensation and dries between the fins of the coil.

It is almost impossible for the property owner to eliminate this gunk, but the longer it remains, the worse the problem gets. As the blockage spreads it impedes the flow of air and collects, even more, moisture. This could result in freezing and might actually cause the coil to rupture. A damaged coil is a costly problem and may be an impossible repair on older appliances.

No matter how old the appliance may be, it will still need maintenance. In fact, proper maintenance on an annual basis may help the appliance operate much longer, and this could save money. Unfortunately, it won’t keep the appliance operating forever. Once the system fails due to age, it is time to contact an expert like those at. Replacing the system requires special knowledge and the skills to calculate the correct size for the space being treated.

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