Reasons to Call for AC Repair and Service in Honolulu

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Air Conditioning

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With the weather in Honolulu averaging a high temperature of close to 80 degrees even during the cooler months, it’s important to be able to keep a home cool and limit the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related health problems. This means that, for many people, working air conditioning is a must. Understanding the beginning signs that AC Repair And Service in Honolulu may be necessary can make it more likely the problem can be fixed quickly and easily before the problem becomes a major one.

Signs of a Problem

The signs of a problem that could require AC Repair And Service in Honolulu include the air conditioner making loud noises, the utility bill suddenly being a lot higher than normal for the time of year, the air coming from the AC unit not being cool enough or travelling as far as usual into the room, leaks around the air conditioner, or strange smells coming from the AC vents. Call an AC repair service to help figure out exactly what the problem is and fix it before the unit stops working altogether.

Regular Maintenance

Having regular AC maintenance performed on the AC unit will help minimize the need for repairs, as it will keep everything clean and functioning well. It’s also another chance for the technician to find any issues that could cause problems if not fixed. The main maintenance task with AC units is to regularly replace or clean the filters, as dirty filters can increase the energy costs of running the AC by up to 15 percent. Whether the filters need to be replaced or just cleaned depends on the system.

The evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coils should also be cleaned at least once a year to remove any buildup. Other potential issues could include clogged condensate drains or bent coil fins, which a technician can check for when performing annual maintenance on the AC system. A unit with a clogged drain will be less efficient in reducing the home’s humidity, and bent fins interfere with airflow.

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