Sacramento-Area Winter Weather Means the Need for Prompt Heating System Replacement in Folsom CA

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Winters are mild in Sacramento County compared with much of the rest of the United States. Nevertheless, the area is located far enough to the north that people must rely on some sort of heating system during the winter months. Chilly, damp weather can make lives miserable if people try to rely on electric space heaters or huddle up in electric blankets. When the furnace finally breaks down for good, prompt Heating System Replacement in Folsom CA is necessary to restore comfortable climate control.

People who are relatively unfamiliar with California may picture the entire state as a sunny, warm place all year-round. In reality, cities even as far south as the Los Angeles metro area can get pretty chilly in the winter, especially at night. Going up to the San Francisco area, travelers may be surprised to discover thick fog and temperatures in the 50s even during warmer months of the year. The Sacramento metro area isn’t on the coast and doesn’t have the same humid conditions, but it’s located even further north and thus experiences a bit lower temperatures in general. Temperatures that drop below freezing during the wintertime are not unheard of, even though the average winter temperature there is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep a home warm throughout those cold months, Heating System Replacement in Folsom CA is necessary when a furnace can no longer be repaired.

In January and February, area residents can count on lows in the 50s and 60s most of the time. Although this sounds balmy to residents of the northern Midwest and Northeastern part of the country, it’s still too cold to live without heat, at least for people who prefer to feel comfortable. Parents of young children worry about the health of those little ones, and individuals on the other side of the age scale must take care not to get too chilled and risk compromising their health. Instead, furnace replacement by a company such as Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning is the best solution. If the house does not yet have a central air system, that unit can be installed at the same time for summer comfort. You can also visit them on Google+.

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