Save Money and Energy with a Ductless Heat Pump

by | Dec 6, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

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Living in an older home can pose many challenges with the most prevalent being energy conservation. Chances are you’re using a boiler works via radiated heat and switching to a ductless heat pump can solve both cooling and heat in the same sweeping blow. This all starts, of course, with a basic understanding of what the two are:

  • Air Conditioner – Transfers heat from outside, using refrigerant to convert it into the cold air.
  • Heat Pump – Air conditioner that reverses the refrigerant flow.

A ductless heat pump combines these functions, saving you money as well as energy. You will have one system to worry about rather than two which makes life quite a bit easier.

Easy to Install and Use

A ductless heating system is one of the easiest systems to install; it is comprised of two units and is often referred to as a split system. Thanks to the compact size, you will find that it takes up far less space than a traditional HVAC system.

Perfect Control Over your Space

A split ductless heat pump and air conditioning system is more than compact – it represents perfect control over your environment. They can cover multiple rooms with each one featuring its controller. Typically, they can only cover eight zones, so if you are living in a larger home, then you might consider adding a second system to provide heat to your entire house. Though it might sound expensive, you will quickly find that the energy savings more than makes up for your expenditure.

Finally, with a ductless heat pump, you will reduce your carbon footprint and help you to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Consider upgrading to one today for your sake, and the sake of the world.

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