Seattle Companies Offering HVAC Design, Maintenance, And HVAC Repair

by | Feb 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

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A new commercial building project in Seattle involves a lot of different contractors and services. One of the most important specialized contractors involved in the project will be the HVAC service provider.

New Construction

While it is possible to have one company design and install the system, and another company to contract for maintenance and HVAC repair services, there are some advantages to using one company for the full spectrum of services. In Seattle, one of the top companies providing full services from design through to HVAC repair is MacDonald-Miller. With 50 years in the industry and experience of buildings of all types and all industries, they are uniquely positioned to bring extensive industry experience to any new commercial property construction.

A big advantage in using the same company for the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of the HVAC system is the familiarity with the system. This includes not only the specific system or systems in place but also the ability to customize the HVAC services to meet the needs of the building.

Issues such as zone temperature control, efficiency considerations in the system and other similar factors are already known by the repair technicians. This can save on the cost as well as the time involved in these types of repairs, which is critical when the repair is unscheduled downtime that is also impacting productivity.

Managing Existing Systems and Completing Repairs

With an existing building, hiring the most experienced commercial HVAC repair service in Seattle is also important. The expertise in working with different systems and equipment allows for faster repairs, and lower cost of repair as common and more complex problems are quickly identified and corrected.

These same repair services can also provide ongoing facility HVAC maintenance. This can also help to reduce the risk of unscheduled repairs and downtime by routinely inspecting and maintaining the system.

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