Signs That A Homeowner Should Make An Appointment For Furnace Service In Hillsboro

by | Dec 23, 2021 | Air Conditioning

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When the weather starts getting cold outside, a homeowner’s furnace becomes invaluable. If the system starts to malfunction, it won’t be able to adequately heat the home, making everyone who lives there uncomfortable. To avoid a costly and expensive breakdown, it is best if the homeowner can recognize the signs that they need to call someone for Furnace Service in Hillsboro.

No Warm Air

The most obvious sign that a furnace needs to be serviced is if there is no warm air coming from the vents. There are a few reasons for lack of warm air. First, the blower inside the unit might be malfunctioning. This will prevent warm air from flowing from the vents and circulating around the home. There could also be something wrong with the heat exchanger or an issue with the pilot light. The sooner the homeowner calls a professional to have the furnace repaired, the more comfortable the home will be.

Strange Sounds

If the homeowner notices that there are strange sounds coming from their furnace, they should contact a professional immediately. In most cases, grinding, groaning, and squeaking sounds are the first symptom of a complete breakdown. There are plenty of things that could be causing these sounds. It would take a professional to diagnose and repair the problem. The sooner the homeowner makes the appointment, the better.

Yellow Pilot Light

If the homeowner notices that the pilot light in their furnace is yellow instead of blue, the homeowner should turn off the furnace immediately. A yellow pilot light is an indicator of a carbon monoxide leak. Since carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, the homeowner should also leave the house and contact their local fire department. When the first responders clear the homeowner to go back inside, they should not use the furnace again until it is inspected and repaired by a professional. This is one problem that should never be taken lightly.

There is nothing worse than a complete furnace breakdown in the middle of winter. The best way to avoid an expensive breakdown is for the homeowner to contact a professional and schedule an appointment for furnace service. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit us at Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services.

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