Stay Comfortable With Expert AC Repair in Pelham

by | Aug 9, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

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Living without treated air can be tough and one reason for this is the tightly insulated homes and apartments that are available. Unfortunately, the AC is a mechanical system and subject to unexpected failure. For instance, there are a variety of switches and sensors inside the air conditioner that may fail. One of these controls when the blower starts while another signals the condenser to stop compressing the refrigerant.

The solution to these failures is to have an expert in AC Repair in Pelham examine the appliance.The air conditioner can fail for a variety of reasons, but a few of them are due to neglected maintenance. For example, a low refrigerant level can cause the condenser to work harder than normal and this can result in excessive wear. Checking the refrigerant level is part of the annual maintenance. Another task to be handled during routine maintenance is cleaning the air exchanger. This is the portion of the AC where the evaporator coil is found and is often the area where dust and moisture accumulate.Moisture in the AC is a natural occurrence and results from the cooling of metals.

Unfortunately, mixing that moisture with any dirt that makes it past the filter system can result in a thick muck that blocks the evaporator coil. This can allow frozen spots to develop on the coil or block the flow of air. A frozen coil can result in major repairs because the coil will need to be replaced. Plus, dirt on the coil can reduce the volume of treated air and force the appliance to work harder, eventually resulting in AC Repair in Pelham due to the stress of the various components.Another area where the AC can fail is the external condenser.

This type of failure can be expensive and the repair or replacement will depend on the age of the system. Older units use a different refrigerant than newer models and this can make locating replacement parts a bit difficult. Not all external components will force the need to upgrade. One of these is the dryer, which is often found here. The dryer is a safety device designed to keep moisture from entering the condenser. When it fails, the system should shut down to prevent damage. Learn more about the AC and its repair from the experts at Business Name.

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