Steps to Take Before Calling for Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance in Colorado Springs CO

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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If a home’s AC system isn’t running as well as it should, the owner may be tempted to call a repair tech right away. However, in some instances, customers can save time and money by performing a few simple checks before making the call. Below are several steps customers can take before calling for Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance in Colorado Springs CO.

Check the Filter

Diminished airflow prevents an HVAC unit from performing well. When airflow is blocked, energy efficiency decreases and utility bills increase. Dirty filters are a common cause of diminished airflow, and customers should start the investigative process there. By replacing the filter once per month, future issues are greatly minimized.

Look at the Thermostat

Improper thermostat settings are at the root of many HVAC maintenance visits. Even if an owner is sure that everything’s set the way it should be, they should check the thermostat to ensure that nothing’s been changed.

Look for Ice and Other Blockages

If the unit is iced over, it should be turned off. Next, the owner should look for obstructions in the filter and supply vents. In some instances, clearing these blockages can restore a system to its full functionality. If there’s no blockage, it may be time to call for service.

Look for Power Supply Issues

Some units have a nearby switch, which is easy to turn off accidentally. Flipping the switch on again should restore the unit’s normal function. However, if the switch hasn’t been flipped, or there’s no switch at all, look at the circuit breaker. Many calls for air conditioning unit maintenance in Colorado Springs CO start with blown fuses or tripped breakers, and looking there first can help an owner save money and time.

Check the Pilot Light or Look for Flash Codes

When a gas furnace’s pilot light goes out, the unit stops working. New electric units don’t have a pilot light, but they may have flash codes that help owners see what’s wrong. While a flash code doesn’t automatically indicate a problem, some codes can point to serious operational issues that require professional assistance.

If none of these steps get the unit working again, the owner should schedule a service appointment. Get more information on AC issues or schedule maintenance by calling today.

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