Strategies for Delaying the Need for Air Conditioner Repair in Bradenton FL

Homeowners naturally wonder how to avoid the need for Air Conditioner Repair in Bradenton FL. Living in a hot climate, they know that the system will probably need repair work eventually, but they’d prefer to delay that episode for as long as possible. Many people don’t consider how much they ask of their central air system, especially if they don’t mind paying extra on their electric bills during the summer. They may figure having really cool air in the house is worth it. However, they should keep in mind that the more the air conditioner runs, the more wear and tear it undergoes.

A better strategy is to gradually raise the temperature on the thermostat over the course of several days to determine the maximum temperature that feels comfortable. It doesn’t have to be luxuriously cool in the house to be comfortable. If the home’s residents routinely wear blue jeans and socks indoors during the summer, the temperature is probably too low.

Raising the temperature by several degrees before leaving for the day also is recommended by technicians who do Air Conditioner Repair in Bradenton FL. It’s a misconception that more electricity is used to cool the house down after it’s been warm all day. Choosing a reasonable temperature is the key. The thermostat might be set at 80 degrees when nobody will be around for many hours, then lowered to 75 or 76 degrees when someone arrives home. Homeowners can learn more about optimum temperatures for central air and Get More Information from a company such as Conditioned Air.

Turning off the central air at night and opening the windows is the best strategy on cool evenings with relatively low humidity. Many homeowners in Florida become accustomed to always having the windows closed and running the central air. Breaking that habit is advisable. If the house or condo is located on or near a busy street and traffic noise makes it difficult to sleep, the windows can remain open until people start going to bed. Investing in a window exhaust fan or two is helpful for blowing hot air out of the building and bringing cool air in. People are generally surprised at how well these devices work.