Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Furnace

As most local homeowners know, winter and fall weather are sometimes unpredictable. From cold, rainy autumn days to winter snowstorms, it’s crucial to have a warm and safe home environment. However, if your current heating unit isn’t doing its job, you may not know when to replace or fix it. Read on to learn several signs that it’s time for replacement or furnace repair in St Charles.

Your System’s Age

Begin by checking your furnace’s age. Residential furnaces may last 10 to 20 years, depending on their maintenance and use. It’s likely that your heating unit was in place when you moved in, which means it may be close to the end of its service life.

Increasing Utility Bills

If your system is old and worn out, it may not be as efficient as it once was. When it struggles to do its job, it will consume more energy than necessary. If your energy bills are increasing with no corresponding uptick in usage, consider the need for furnace repair in St Charles.

Humidity Troubles

Though some dryness is normal, insufficient humidity is a concern during the winter. If you’re noticing dry air inside the home, a faulty furnace may be the cause.

Visible Damage or Cracking

Sometimes, the signs of furnace failure are readily apparent. If you’re noticing cracks or rust developing around or on the furnace, it’s time for a new unit.

Frequent Repairs

Make a note of the number of times you’ve had to schedule furnace repair in St Charles within the past two years. If you’re seeing your HVAC service technician more than some of your family members, it may be sensible to replace the unit.

If you’re seeing any of these signs from your heating unit, it’s important to call a contractor to learn about replacement options. Visit Blue Frost Heating and Cooling at to schedule service or to discuss your replacement options.

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