The Cost of Cooling Services in Muskegon

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Air Conditioning Contractors

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In many places, an AC unit is a necessity rather than a luxury. New, energy-efficient units are quieter and more powerful than older models, and they can offer a great value by helping customers save on their monthly utility bills. Below is a breakdown of the cost of AC installation as it relates to Cooling Services Muskegon.

The Basics of Air Conditioners

The first part of AC installation is determining what size unit is needed. Customers shouldn’t buy one that doesn’t have enough power to cool the home, but buying a too-large unit can be more costly. AC units are sold by the ton, which is a measure of the heat removable from the home in an hour. A one-ton AC can remove up to 12,000 BTUs while a three-ton unit can remove three times as much. The bigger the home, the more power is needed.

Hiring an Installer

The next step in the process is to hire a Heating and Cooling contractor such as. While it’s certainly possible to buy and install a unit, the process requires a high skill level and an EPA certification. For a home that’s never had a unit installed, the process requires extensive electrical and duct work. Avoid the risk of injury by hiring a local AC professional to do the installation.

Tax Breaks for New Units

To defray the cost of an AC installation, customers may be able to find tax breaks or rebates from state and federal agencies. Tax credits for installations in existing homes ended in 2013, but customers can refer to Energy Star’s website for updated information. State rebates are often of limited duration, and it’s best to check on them before hiring an AC company.

Costly Options

Multiple factors can increase the cost of an AC installation. If the home needs a new thermostat, or if extensive ductwork is required, the job cost will be higher. The unit’s SEER rating is another important factor. The SEER rating is a measure of the unit’s cooling output for a season, divided by its total energy input; units with higher SEER ratings are more efficient but more expensive. The cost of Cooling Services Muskegon depends largely upon the size of the system, the unit’s efficiency, and the company chosen to do the job.

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