Thinking About Installing Air Conditioning in Your Old Home?

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Heating contractor

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There are houses that are so old that they’ve never had central HVAC or a central heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. Maybe central HVAC hadn’t been invented when the home was built, or it wasn’t yet widespread and could only be afforded by the very wealthy. If you live in such a home, the Skokie air conditioning professionals of Elite HVACS Heating & Air want you to know that the cost of installing central air in an old home isn’t as dire as you’d imagine.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Besides keeping you cool during the summers, modern air conditioning systems also filter out pollutants and allergens that can worsen days that are already miserably hot and humid. Central air conditioning also keeps humidity levels bearable and healthy.

Challenge of Installing Air Conditioning in an Old Home

It is true that installing a new air conditioning system in an old home is a challenge. This is largely because of the materials that old homes were built out of. For example, many have walls made of plaster as opposed to drywall, and this makes cutting through them a bit more difficult. Another concern is whether your house has ducts that can be reconfigured to accommodate modern Skokie air conditioning. But even if your old home doesn’t have ducts, ductless air conditioning is an option.

When it comes to the cost of installing central air in an old home, a lot depends on the size of the unit, the cost of labor and materials, and when the installation takes place. Contact Elite HVACS Heating & Air to learn more about installing new air conditioning in your beloved old house.

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