Tips for Choosing a Portable Electric Air Conditioner in the US

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Heating & Air Conditioning

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When the weather is uncomfortably warm, nothing is as refreshing as being able to enjoy the refreshing coolness of an air conditioner. However, traditional air conditioner units are expensive and bulky. Fortunately, a portable electric air conditioner can be a solution to your cooling needs. This guide will help you find one best suited for your situation.

Be Realistic About Room Size

A portable air conditioner is designed to cool individual sections of buildings. Many of them are suited only to cool off a living room, bedroom or other small area in the house. If you are looking to cool a larger area, such as sections of a warehouse, you will need a different type of portable air conditioner than if you were purchasing one for the living room.

Keep Placement in Mind

Although a portable cooling unit is not as complex to install and requires no permanent set up, you will still need to place the unit next to a window. This will allow you room to set up the hose which will expel hot air out of the house.

Consider the Degree of Portability That You Need

Some units are easy to pick up and move from room to room. Other units will require two or more people to move the unit. Still others are large enough that you will need to use another device with wheels in order to move the device. Decide which of these levels of portability you are comfortable with before making a purchase.

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