Tools Used In Air Conditioner Repair Davenport FL

Air conditioning devices assist you stay cool during summer, preventing heat strokes or overheating. If you have an air conditioner that is not working well, you can use instruments used by professionals to repair and diagnose issues regarding to your unit. Obtainable at any local home improvement store, the gadgets measure the device’s electrical power and flow of air and assist you in locating leaks. Below are some of the tools used in Air conditioner repair in Davenport FL.


This tool combines the functions of ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. Thus, it can measure current, electrical resistance and voltage. In addition, you can use the tool to check your air conditioner’s electrical system, including the electronic controls and thermostat wiring. It also aids one in determining if the current is flowing in the precise direction or it has a current. You can buy analogue or digital Multimeter. Digital Multimeter normally outputs readings in a trivial digital LED screen and an analog meter that has a needle which moves along the scale.

Leak detector

Electric leak detector assist one in determining if the appliance is dripping gaseous materials, a condition that causes an air conditioner not to work well. Moreover, the gases that are released by such leaks can harm pets that are living in your home or even people. Even though you cannot grasp the source of such seepage since the gases are invisible especially if you run an electric leak detector along pipes and the device itself, the appliance will identify where the leak is. With the tool, you can repeat the test more often.


A dial thermometer is usually used to measure the yield of air temperature of the air conditioner. If air produced by your air conditioner is too cold or too warm, then you should know that the unit is not working well. A dial thermometer has a steel probe which you can put in various areas of the unit. In addition, it has a dial display that normally shows the unit’s existing temperature. In order to use thermometer, you need to place the probe in one section of the air conditioner, hold it till the dial gauge stops moving. These are some of the tools that are used in Air conditioner repair Davenport FL. For more information about air conditioner repairing services, contact Polk Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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