Troubleshoot Your Own Air Conditioning Repair

In the summer months, when the mercury starts climbing, you probably run your air conditioner much more than you used to. That’s true in just about every part of the country. That also means your air conditioner is much more likely to break down. When the temperature is high, a malfunctioning a/c can really ruin your day. It’s hard to sleep, work, or even just relax. Do you really want to turn the oven on when the a/c is out? The only option is getting the air conditioner operation as quickly as possible. You have two options for air conditioning repair in Jacksonville: call a specialist or do it yourself.

Chances are you’re not a licensed contractor. However, you can troubleshoot your problem before you do call the contractor. In some cases, you can get it operational. In other cases, you can at least save the contractor a little bit of time by detailing the steps you have already taken.

Airflow Is Weak

When the air is flowing but not very forcefully, you should first check the air filter. Air conditioners suck the air out of the room, cool it, and then blow it back in. The intake vents are fitted with filters so that they’re not sucking up dust, pollen, and hair. If your filter is clogged with dirt, your machine will not be able to intake as much air, so it will not be able to blow out as much air either.

If replacing the filter does not fix the problem, you probably have a problem with your blower. That’s probably in the attic or on the roof. You’re going to want to call a specialist.

A/C Won’t Turn On

If your A/C won’t turn on, or it turns off suddenly, you could have a problem with your thermostat. Your thermostat sends the signal to your unit telling it when to turn on and off. When the unit receives no signal, it turns itself off. The first step in troubleshooting a thermostat is to simply try to turn it back on. If the battery is low, it might flash a “low battery” icon or light. If nothing happens, don’t panic. The battery could just be very low. In either case, replace the batteries, and try again.

If the thermostat still does not come on, still don’t panic; however, it is time to call an professional air conditioning repair services in Jacksonville. You should also go ahead and call if the thermostat appears to be on, but the problem persists.

These are two of the most common complaints in the summer. You might have to call a specialist to come repair your unit, but it’s best to be informed before you call. Running through a couple of these steps can be a good way to save some time and money.